November 17th - Tom's PhotoGraphy
(# 4) Aubrey is resting and recovering
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November 17th

Having to spend a gorgeous day inside

   If you follow us on #aubreytravels - Twitter or #aubreytravels - Facebook, you might think we spend everyday, all day out on one adventure after another. As much as I would like to be doing so, occasionally we have a down day. Such is the case today.

Aubrey is feeling a little puny today
   After displaying behavior Tuesday evening that resembled seizure activity, Aubrey went to see a doctor yesterday. Paraphrasing the doctor, "Aubrey's left ear is as red as fire". So after a visit with the doctor , we went to the pharmacy and went home. Knowing Aubrey has an ear infection put mom and me on high alert for any signs of seizure activity. We have learned from past history, common illness will cause Aubrey to experience seizure activity that will progress to the point hospitalization is required. Aubrey receives daily medication for seizure activity and it appears to be limiting the severity and frequency of Aubrey's seizures today and we are grateful! Thank Goodness!

Aubrey has been in bed all day
   Today's weather was exceptional for November highlighted by sunny skies and balmy temperatures. Usually a day like today would be difficult to keep her in the house. A sure sign she isn't feeling well. On some occassions Aubrey will still want to go somewhere or do something out of the house, even if she isn't 100%. She was not up to even getting out of bed today. All day long.

Aubrey is resting comfortably today
   Tomorrow is another day and Aubrey will quite likely be ready to go do something, anything just to get out of the house. She can only tolerate being housebound for so long. She just doesn't tolerate being still very long. It is likely we will go for drive of yet to be determined length, but we will probably go. I am curious how this will play out when we have a motor home. I guess we will find out when we purchase our motor home. Please read and share our story to acquire a motor home. Thank you.
Happy and Safe Travels!
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*Thank you for your patience! .....Tom*

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Aubrey and Tom

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