January 7th - Tom's PhotoGraphy
# 3 - Central Illinois tree on a foggy afternoon
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Normal Illinois
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January 7th
Aubrey prefers her ride to have a specific destination!

   As the new year begins for us, we have started to wander the state of Illinois. County one and one half gravel roads and even some single lane passageways that count as roads when they aren't soggy are where we have been. Our first drive of the year saw us go South out of Bloomington Illinois.    As you may be able to guess, the weather on the second day of January was less than sunny. Still, Aubrey can only stay at home for so long, before she determines that it is time to GO! She is very relentless if you attempt to ignore her desire to leave the house. I have learned to accept it and quietly and quickly prepare to leave. Period. No discussion.    We happened to be out all afternoon, a mere 4 hours or so and enjoying our ride, or so I thought. Aubrey became bored! (GASP!) As much traveling as we did last summer, I began to think she didn't have a destination preference so long as we went for a car ride. The longer the better. We attended many air shows in 2016, and traveled some distance for more than one. Bossier City Louisiana where Barksdale Air Force Base is located. We went to Lincoln Nebraska the following weekend. These are a couple of destinations we traveled to. Frequently, we drove overnight, did the air show thing and came back. Observing Aubrey while driving, I reasoned she doesn't care much for overnight travel. Most people don't.
   This particular day we headed south and meandered around Southern McLean County and Northern DeWitt County. The fun thing about driving narrow county roads, you can take your time, you don't often see anyone else out and about, and you may see as much as you would like. Which is what I thought Aubrey was doing. She started yawning and becoming restless meaning it is time to head home. We did. We arrived safely and she went to bed early and slept late. Resting for the next adventure.
Happy and Safe Travels!
Aubrey and Tom
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Aubrey and Tom

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