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Our Plan
   Since I have become Aubrey's primary caregiver, we have begun traveling farther and been away from home for longer periods of time. Most of the blame falls upon me. I love to travel. Aubrey rides along and seems to appreciate our time and adventures together. Until 2016, most of our adventures have been lengthy day trips with some being overnight trips. Occasionally we will stay out over a weekend and when we return home, we rest, and make ready to go again.
   We would prefer to be out for even longer periods of time, but Aubrey's personal challenges don't make travel easy for her. One Sunday morning, while attending the 2008 Quad City Air Show, I was struck with an idea that would benefit our desire for extended travel periods and accommodate Aubrey's physical needs. We should acquire a motor home.
   Aubrey is considered severely and profoundly disabled. Her personal challenges make travel difficult at best. Travel in a motor home improves her comfort significantly.
    The winter of 2016/2017 is proving to be a harsh one for us. Aubrey's health has seen drastic improvement over past winters. She usually suffers from one illness or another most of the winter and isn't usually up for much activity. Not this winter! Her desire for activity has frequently put us in the car seeking some activity or another, even a car ride with no particular destination.
   After much research and a few other bumps in the road, we have developed a plan for us to reach our goal.. Part of our plan has been determining which vehicle to seek and what we require financially to meet our needs. Traveling to Recreational Vehicle (RV) dealer locations and searching the internet has exposed us to many different vehicle models. We even went to Indiana and toured a rv manufacturing plant observing how the company assembles a rv.
   Shabbona Creek RV is located in Atkinson Illinois and our chosen vehicle is currently on the lot. We have chosen a Monaco Dynasty Squire IV.
Aubrey and the Dynasty Squire IV

Aubrey is ready to go

Aubrey can't wait to enjoy her first meal in a rv

   Perhaps you might be wondering how we are going to raise the capital to accomplish our goal. As ideas were considered, many product ideas were presented to us. We often take an afternoon drive and return home or proceed to a desired location for an event. Many times in summer we attend an air show or other aviation event.
   While we are enroute I often stop, exit the vehicle, and capture an image or two before resuming our drive. One use for a few of these photographs is appointment calendars. Proceeds from sales will raise capital for our motor home. Visit Tom's Calendar Store to see what is currently available for purchase. View the calendar photos at 2017:Calendar Photo Previews. 2018 Calendars will be available soon!
   Not interested in a calendar? Not to worry, you can still help.
A donate button was created for those who wish to assist, but don't wish to purchase a calendar.

The button has been installed and is located near the top of every page on Tom's PhotoGraphy web site.
   Our capital fund raising goal is ambitious, but we expect to reach it. We have set a target of $750,000 USD to meet our goal. Gross revenue from the sale of an individual calendar is $6.40 USD each. Considering taxes due and other expenses, I anticipate netting approximately $3.20 USD per calendar. We will reach our goal with the sale of 250,000 calendars. The calendars are available to order at Tom's Calendar Store.
   Lulu.com has been chosen for publishing and the sale of calendars for our project because they are a "Print On Demand" publisher. They don't print a calendar until it has been ordered. This saves money because calendars aren't printed requiring storage space and especially saves the environment by not wasting natural resources (trees).
   We experienced a sample of extended travel last summer when we went to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, Lincoln Nebraska and other locations in the Central United States. You know what? We liked it! We are both excited at the prospect of longer journeys in a motor home!
   As photos from our travels become processed, blog or travel notes will be posted discussing our adventures. We hope you follow along. Watch for announcements using the hashtag #aubreytravels on Twitter or #aubreytravels on Facebook to keep up with us.
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read about our plan!
Please share our plan with your friends!
We greatly appreciate your help!
Happy and Safe Travels!
Aubrey and Tom
*Tom's PhotoGraphy is currently undergoing renovation and updating.*
*Thank you for your patience! .....Tom*

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Aubrey and Tom have crafted a plan to achieve their goal of purchasing a
nused motor home which will allow them to share more travel time together.
Read their plan and learn how you can help them reach their goal!
Your help is always appreciated!
........ Thank you! ........
Aubrey and Tom

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