# 36 - Snow falling over farm buildings near Evergreen Lake Hudson Illinois
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February 8th

Taking a ride on a winter afternoon!

   Aubrey's health has been rather exceptional for her this winter. That is both good, and problematic. Good because she isn't battling an illness that could land her in the hospital. A challenge for me because she is NO couch potato! Any sign of the sun and she is ready to go!

Looking at the roadway over the dam at Evergreen Lake

   Even if the sun isn't shining, but daylight is observed, she expects to go. Unless I have a matter that would supercede Aubrey's request, we go. Having grown up on the southeast corner of Lake Michigan, I am not intimidated by falling snow. I appreciate and enjoy driving, and I am willing to chauffeur Aubrey around in less than ideal weather conditions. Why not? I am her primary caregiver and retired. Where do I need to be?

Falling snow decorates the woods and water of Evergreen Lake

   One of the perks of driving with Aubrey is many of the unique views we are privleged to witness while we are out surveying the country side. The weather alters the looks of even the same locations.

A winter view of a hiking trail

   Aubrey's health this winter has made her antsy and she is anxious to begin our summer travel schedule. Me? I can't wait either. I/we would much rather be out exploring, it is what we do. I am lucky to be in my situation. Primary caregiver for my daughter, who has NOOO problem riding in a vehicle going somewhere, anywhere for that matter. Occasonally, I stop and capture an image or two to share with everyone who stops by the web site. Thank you for looking!
   If you would be kind enough to scroll down and leave a comment we appreciate your thoughts. Thank you. If you are so inclined, suggest a destination for us. Aubrey and I are always looking for something to experience. Photos used for this page are located in the February 2017 gallery.
Until next time.....
Happy and Safe Travels......
Aubrey & Tom
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